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Family day with Aljunied and Woodlands 551

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Family day with Aljunied and Woodlands 551

Parents participation can make a big difference in a child’s development, well-being and learning journey. To encourage parent-and-child bonding and for teachers to know you better, our centres organize school celebrations and ad-hoc events involving parents. The more our teachers know about your child, the better we can guide him or her together. Last month, together with our enrichment team FIITercise, both centres from Aljunied and Woodlands 551 organized a family day filled with exciting games and activities.

Aljunied Centre

Located in Harvest Care Centre, our Aljunied centre’s teachers managed to transform the roof top basketball court into a fun and colourful space. Despite the glaring sun and scorching weather, it did not dampen our participants’ spirits. With sports activities such as basketball and floorball, everyone got to participate and no one was left out. Look at their gleeful smiles!

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Woodlands 551 Centre

Our Woodlands 551 centre sits underneath Blk 551. With limited space for large events, our teachers arranged a bus for parents and children to travel together to Sembawang Park. The moment the bus dropped them off, the children began to run towards the field – they loved the greenery in the park. All games were created with parental involvement in mind. One of the games was for a parent-child pair to take turns being blindfolded and leading one another to match the ball colours to the hula hoop colours. What a day at the park!

Do click on the pictures to get a full view of the images. 

Family days are not organised only for parent-child bonding, it is a day to be active with your child! Developing exercise habits when your child is young is important, it will last a lifetime of a healthy lifestyle. But as a working parent nowadays, time might be limited and it might be difficult to bring your child to parks and public pools.

Fret not, there are endless ways to keep your child active. Below are a few suggestions you can try:

– Visit the neighbour playground. Your little ones may meet other children, interact and get active together.
– Take a walk around your neighbourhood, walk with them on the pedestrian crossing and teach them road safety rules.
– Let your child help with simple house chores such as folding clothes, watering the plants, sweep the floor.
– Use storytelling and role play to keep your child moving. Instead of reading “The frog jumped across the river using the rocks on the river bed”, you can role play as the frog and get your child to jump on the imaginary rocks with you.
– Balloon Volleyball, blow up a balloon and play a game of volleyball with your child.

Want to find out more about the activities we have in store for your child? Click here to join us for a school tour today!

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