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  Little Footprints Preschool’s comprehensive curriculum focuses on all aspects of learning. We cultivate a love for learning and nurture every child into a confident communicator, problem solver and an independent thinker. Our passionate educators inspire them on a journey of discovery in both our English and Chinese curriculum by stimulating each child’s imagination and capturing magical moments of learning. To enhance our children’s holistic development, we collaborate with a variety of community organisations and actively involve all parents in our activities.  

Parents’ Partnership

We believe that our parents are important partners in a child’s learning. Your participation in your child’s learning journey can make a big difference!

Daily Communication

Our teachers are here to see to your child’s daily learning and routine needs. Feel free to drop the teachers a note in your child’s ‘Communication Book’ for any special instructions or requests. Likewise, our teachers will write in the Communication Book to give you an insight on your child’s day in school and any other issue which may require your attention.

Class ProgressWeekly Updates

Every term, you will receive a report from your child’s class teacher on the milestones that your child has achieved with his/her classmates. Be it recognising of alphabets and words or learning about sea creatures, you will be impressed by the learning progress made by your little one.


Speak to your child’s teachers to learn more about their development milestones. We believe that working closely with you parents will strengthen and reinforce learning outcomes.

Celebrations &Ad-Hoc Events

To encourage parent-and-child bonding and to get to know you better, we organise school celebrations and ad-hoc events which involves parents’ participation. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to observe your child’s interactions with his/her teachers and peers.

We would Love to Hear From You

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our curriculum and infrastructure to enrich your child’s learning further.