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World Water Day: Cultivating water saving habits

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World Water Day: Cultivating water saving habits

Last Friday, our Little Footprint Yishun 701A centre celebrated World Water Day by educating our children the importance of conserving water and ways on how they can save water in their daily lives. Climate change are affecting the entire world, including Singapore. In recent years, Singapore water consumption has increased significantly which may affect Singapore if we do not plan ahead. Apart from educating our children, the teachers at Yishun 701A organised fun activities for the children to understand better.

Together with our children, we can play a part in protecting our Mother Earth by practicing good water saving habits in our daily routine. Below are some tips for water conservation we can do with our children:

5 Tips to conserve water

#1 Ensure tap is off during brushing – use a mug when brushing teeth

#2 Turn off shower when soaping

#3 Always use half flush when possible

#4 Collect rain water to water the plants

#5 Be a role model to your child – parents have to practice water saving habits so that children will follow suit

Educational excursions

Take a trip to nearby beaches and explain to your child about the water cycle. Where the water ends up, what the water carries and how it affects our ecosystem. Apart from beaches, you can visit reservoirs and take the opportunity to teach them the different ways Singapore provide clean water to the nation, such as our local catchments, water desalination and NEWater. The rainwater from the reservoirs are collected through drains, canals and rivers before its treated for drinking water. There are many learning opportunities for the children when they visit these places, it is also a chance for your family to enjoy nature and take a breath of fresh air.

Just remember, every drop count! Small changes will make big impact, we can leave a better future for our children once they are educated and cultivate such good habits.

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