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  Aesthetics & Creative Expression, Discovery of the World, Language & Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy and Social & Emotional...
Aesthetics & Creative Expression, Discovery of the World, Language & Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy and Social & Emotional Development are the six models of learning domains which make up Little Footprints Curriculum. To build a strong foundation and prepare children for school-readiness, a rich component of Language and Literacy is embedded into the rest of the models. This model is a progressive plan that supports an experiential and integrated approach.

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

A Little Footprints child has a huge appetite to learn! Our programme has an eclectic mix of activities which provides rich and concrete learning experiences. Cookery, Art and Craft / Art Critique, Role Play / Dramatisation and Music & Movement activities are embedded into our core activities to provide a holistic approach that hones the Love for Learning!

Discovery of the World

To sustain children’s natural curiosity, the termly curriculum consist of activities under a unified theme. These child-directed thematic activities are opportunities for extended learning, and an in-depth understanding of the World around us! Children will be able to develop processing skills and problem-solving skills by asking investigative questions and finding solutions.
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Language and Literacy

The progressive Literacy programme encourages listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to develop children into confident communicators. As such, phonics and sight words are introduced in the early years. Preschoolers will strengthen language fundamentals through creative writing and grammar programme. The curriculum covers grammatical rules and practice the components of the English Language. Current affairs such as global issues are incorporated into creative writing and discussions as incidental learning opportunities. To enrich children’s learning experiences, our “Librarian’s Code” programme was designed to create highly successful future readers, writers and storytellers by being exposed to quality children’s literature brought to life! In preparation for formal schooling, the “Tick Tock It’s Time To Talk” programme provides ample opportunities for your child to develop presentation and public speaking skills.

Motor Skills Development

As children get more advanced with their gross motor skills, fine motor skills begin to develop. With daily opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, children develop their sense of balance, physical coordination and spatial awareness. This influences their physical fitness, agility and coordination! In addition, planned activities are incorporated into the curriculum to strengthen fine motor skills development.


We build a strong foundation in early numeracy to prepare our children for more complex mathematical calculations in Primary school. They will explore the 5 mathematical strands – patterning, numbers, shape and space, measurement and data-handling through experiential activities, which brings out the problem-solvers and independent thinkers in them!

Social & Emotional Development: Vitamin C Programme

The Vitamin C Programme is a character-building programme that is introduced to help every child enhance healthy self-esteem and emphasise on good lifelong values. By connecting and collaborating with the community, it allows children to exercise character virtues and experience making a difference to their community. In doing so, we equip and empower each child into becoming civic-minded and caring individuals!


Introducing a second language in the early years of a child’s life encourages cognitive development and increases his/her ability to learn languages. With daily exposure to the Chinese language, it develops an interest in language and literacy, and cultivate an awareness of the Chinese culture through songs and literature.
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